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Albom Records was founded by Marvin Shadex, an active member of the DJ duo MACHA! with releases on Sirup Music (EDX, Nora and Pure, Croatia Squad), Epic Tones Record (Pascal Junior), EMI Music ... Performed at festivals like Tomorrowland, Suikerrock ... Supported by artists like Lost Frequencies, DJ Licious, EDX...

Albom Records is not a niche label. It reflects the favorite genres of music that can charm and inspire Marvin Shadex on his own productions. From house music to cabaret, from Latin to rock, from African rhythms to lyrical hip hop, R&B, Soul, etc ... Music has no boundaries. Albom Records neither! Hence, Albom Records is open to all genres of music.

Music is made for people to listen to. Albom Records wants to bring this music to these people.

"If it sounds good, it's just good, it doesn't matter what genre"